Technische Infos für das Duo Pavoon

Hinweise für Veranstalter zu Auftritten von Pavel Fajt und Oona Kastner

For Pavel Fajt :

1 monitor box

1 bass drum (preferably “Shure”, all mics on stands, no clips – please)
1 snare
3 tom toms
1 hi-hat
2 overheads

additional tech:

1 line XLR
1standard table
1 power cord with 5 plugs (220V)

For Oona Kastner:

Piano, or Grand Piano (it is also possible that Oona brings her own stage piano in – please ask)
1 monitor box

2 mics for the piano
1 mic for the voice

If a stage is used, preferably ca 20-40 cm high and min. 5 x 3 m

A full sound check before the concert is absolutely necessary!